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Executive Chef Gentian Shehi

The new star in Florence
Chef Gentian Shehi
- Executive Chef Gentian Shehi

The New Star In Florence

His passion for cooking began after middle school, when he enrolled at the hotel school in Brindisi. After the first working experience in a restaurant in Puglia, he started travelling and working around Italy in Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts. After some experience abroad,he decided to move to Florence, where he gained experience at the Four Seasons in 2008 and later as a Chef for Intercontinental Hotels at the Holiday Inn of Florence for 3 years. In 2011, while already working as a Cooking Instructor at Apicius at the Florence University of the Arts, he began his experience as a Sous Chef at St. Regis Florence first with the "Enoteca Pinchiorri" and then with the Chef Valeria Piccini at the Winter Garden By Caino with which he collaborates closely since 2013.
Chef Gentian Shehi 1
- Executive Chef Gentian Shehi

A State Of Constant Renewal

Thanks to his background, his skills and an extensive experience he was able to develop a clear and distinctive culinary identity. His cuisine reflects the inspiration he gathers from his experience, his passion for research and local ingredients: a state of constant renewal that remains profoundly tied to local traditions thanks to the inspiration of famous chef Valeria Piccini, with whom a successful collaboration has started in 2013.
Chef Valeria Piccini
- Chef Valeria Piccini

The Story Of Valeria Piccini

Born in Saturnia, Tuscany in 1958, Valeria started practising the art of cooking from a very young age. She got married to Maurizio Manichetti at 20 years old and she kept learning about cuisine even after the birth of their son Andrea, who is now following his mother's footsteps. After travelling throughout Italy, France and Spain, her cuisine is now influenced by the Italian tradition and modern cooking techniques. Her unique and inspiring cooking style has been recognized in 1991, when Valeria was awarded with her first Michelin star, followed by the second one in 1999.
Chef Valeria Piccini 1
- Chef Valeria Piccini

The Collaboration With The Winter Garden

From the 30th of May, 2013, Valeria has started an exciting and interesting collaboration with the Winter Garden. Working together with the Executive Chef of The St. Regis Florence, she guarantees a superb culinary experience full of flavours and balance. Together, the two Chefs made delicate and contemporary dishes that inspire and delight our guests every day. Their culinary creations are the result of their passion and love, that reflect in the taste and quality of every dish.
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